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My first career as a hairstylist lasted a little over 25 yrs. One day I asked myself if that was the job I wanted to officially "retire" from. I honestly couldn't answer that question so I chose to look into other careers to see what interested me. Real Estate just became a natural fit because I could still meet new people and help them with a big life change, similar to what I had done with hair but in a much larger capacity. Retiring from the beauty industry, I began my journey into real estate. I was dead wrong thinking it would be easy. From studying for the state exam to selling my first home, I found out just how difficult this job change was going to be and developed a whole new respect for those who had been in the industry for multiple years. I also found benefit from things that I learned while behind the chair:

- An understanding of how the human mind works in various situations
- Excellent customer service skills and attention to detail
- Anticipatory ways to intercept the path of any given situation and head off potential issues
- Small Business Management
- Excellent time-management and marketing skills

With these skills and with my passion for helping people when it comes to big life events and changes, I have found my niche as a Realtor® and I am beyond grateful and blessed for this.

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